Anders Andersen

Teaching portfolio


In computer science, both for the computer science students and for other students using programming as their tool, the practical experiences from problem solving is important to achieve the necessary knowledge level. Good practical exercises, that both are challenging enough and relevant for the learning goals in the course, is an important part of how students learn in our field. This is the basis for my motivation to put a lot of effort into developing the computer science laboratory and their exercises.

The practical approach contributes to both inductive and deductive learning. When the students become more experienced, they can present their own hypothesis and do the practicals and experiments based on this. This contributes to abductive learning, where the learning steps are more comprehensive and where the students learn to solve problems with no obvious solution from based on the inductive and deductive approaches.

Another reflection that I have found important in teaching and learning is that cross-disciplinary collaboration and collaboration with external partners (e.g., industry) can be very motivating for students. They find that the problems their are solving are relevant for the real world, and they are able to expose them self and their work outside the closed course setting.

A final reflection is that I am not afraid of taking responsibility in the development of new courses, new curriculum, new teaching methods and new cross-disciplinary collaborations (in teaching). Such work is strongly motivating for me.