Anders Andersen

Teaching portfolio

Teaching history

I started accumulating teaching experiences as a teaching assistant (TA) at University of Tromsø (UiT) in the period 1990–1991. In this period i supervised the students with laboratory exercises related to the development of operating systems and experiments with computer architectures.

In the spring of 1992 I taught my first course at UiT. Following that, I was the TA (and did some teaching) in the operating system course and a course on formal specifications and abstract data types at the university. In this period I also contributed to the development of the exercises and the teaching material in the courses.

In the autumn of 1993 I was appointed an assistant professor position at the Hedmark College. The first course I was responsible for was the introduction to mathematics course for the economics students. The course had struggled with many no passes in the exams in the previous years. I identified that one problem was that the students did not practice enough solving exercises, and therefore they did to many errors and spent to much time on each exercise at the exam. Based on this, I asked for resources to hire experienced students that were used to organise practicals. In the practicals, exercises prepared by me where solved under supervision from the experienced students. I also changed the lecture form to introduce more examples and exercises. The improvement on the result of the following exam was significant (from more than 50% no passes to only a few percent no passes).

Since then, all my teaching and course planning in both mathematics and computer science has had a strong focus on giving the students a lot of experience solving practical tasks relevant for the course syllabus.

From the autumn of 1993 until the spring of 1995 I lectured in different topics at Hedmark College, including operating systems implementation and data communication protocols and protocols layers.

From the spring of 1995 I started as a researcher at NORUT, a research institute in Tromsø, Norway. I also enrolled as a PhD student at UiT. In the period 1995 until 1999 I also had the teaching assistant role at a few courses and seminars at UiT, including a PhD seminar on multimedia programming. As a teaching assistant I was responsible for the practicals (exercises) in the courses and seminars, and I also contributed with some lectures.

Late autumn 1999, I was appointed an associate professor position at UiT. Since then I have been responsible for planning and teaching a large number of different courses and seminars. In this period, I have also been responsible for planning and teaching courses at Hedmark College and University of Nordland (Bodø Regional College).

At UiT, I have revised and updated existing courses, and I have developed completely new courses. Revised courses include computer communication, introduction to programming, and computer communication and security. Completely new courses includes middleware, UICC and NFC programming, game development, and IoT/LoRaWAN. In addition, I was the main contributor to a new course introducing programming to non-computer-science students (computational sciences students). This course, Inf-1049, was given for the first time autumn 2017.

In the autumn of 2018, two new studies in Health Technology started at UiT. These new studies have been under development by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Physics and Technology for many years. This work was lead by Tore Larsen. In 2016, I joined as a member of the steering committee for the Health Technology studies. When we in 2017 got the funding and the go to establish these studies, I lead the work on the final implementation of the Health Technology study (Byklum 2018) at the Deprtment of Computer Science.

In 2017, a new master program in computer science at Mo i Rana was suggested. I am a member of the work group working on establishing this master program provided by our department at Mo i Rana.

In early 2018, our department porposed a new study in Cybersecurity (Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway 2018). I was a major contributor to this proposal. When we got the funding and the accaptance to establish this later that year, I was appointed the leader of the work group developing this study. The plan is to establish this new study in 2020. Currently I am also leading a national workgroup for the strengthening of ICT-security in technology studies in Norway (2019–2020) (Andersen et al. 2019).

A more detailed description of my teaching competence and course development will be presented in the My applied teaching philosophy section. A complete list of courses planned and taught is given in the Coursework teaching and development section of my Teaching CV.


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