Anders Andersen


Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw, Johan Gustav Bellika, Anders Andersen, Gunnar Hartvigsen, Carlos Fernandez-Llatas, Towards Privacy-Preserving Computing on Distributed Electronic Health Record Data, MDS '13: Proceedings of the 2013 Middleware Doctoral Symposium, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2013, ISBN 978-1-4503-2548-6.

The paper reports on work in progress towards construction of a peer-to-peer framework for privacy preserving computing on distributed electronic health data. The framework supports three different types of federated queries. For privacy-preserving computing, we proposed distributed secure multi-party computation (SMC), where each peer is only involved in secure computations with some of the peers. We hypothesize distributed SMC could enable to achieve more efficient and scalable computing solutions. The architecture of the framework is also described.