Anders Andersen


Randi Karlsen, Anders Andersen, NFC-based Image Annotation, Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2013, ISSN 1865-0929.

Image retrieval most commonly uses text-based search, which requires the availability of image annotations. As digital photos are growing rapidly in number, making manual image annotation impractical, the need for automatic image annotation is evident. While current approaches to automatic image annotation is based on analysis and interpretation of visual image features and/or image metadata, we present a novel approach to image annotation based on the use of NFC technology. Through a simple touch of an NFC tag, an image capture application obtains accurate annotation information that is automatically added to images. The paper describes how images are associated to the correct NFC tag, enabling a single tag scan to facilitate automatic annotation of multiple images. We also describe how NFC-provided annotations can be used for obtaining more image relevant information from sources on the Internet.