Anders Andersen


Gordon Blair, Lynne Blair, Anders Andersen, Trevor Jones, Formal Support for Dynamic QoS Management in the Development of Open Component-based Distributed Systems, IEE Proceedings - Software, Vol. 148, No. 3, 2001, pp. 83-92, ISSN 1462-5970.

In this paper, we present an aspect-oriented specification technique that supports the specification of component-based distributed systems. Importantly, this technique also supports the synthesis of quality of service management components from particular aspects of the specification. We describe how, by using a tool to support our aspect-oriented environment, we can first specify and verify QoS management subsystems and then synthesise components that can be placed into a running system. We focus on dynamic QoS management functions, particularly monitoring and adaptation. We illustrate our approach by giving a simple example of the dynamic QoS management of an audio stream.