Anders Andersen


Anders Andersen, Randi Karlsen, Experimenting with Instant Services Using NFC Technology, SMART 2012 - The First International Conference on Smart Systems, Devices and Technologies, International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA), 2012, ISBN 978-1-61208-225-7.

In the NFC City project Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is used to demonstrate instant services. NFC makes it possible to connect electronic devices and initiate services with simply touching a tag (or a device) with a phone. In the NFC City project this is utilized in several experimental applications. A presenter application use this to set up a pre- sentation (on a projector or screen) without having to connect cables or transfer files manually using USB memory sticks or similar. A chat application sets up a chat simply but touching two NFC enabled mobile phones. A party application transfers images and modifies the music play list by touching an NFC tag with the phone. A guide application provides information and suggest next sightseeing spot in the same way. The usage of NFC in these and a few other applications is presented and discussed, and shows how NFC can be used to provide instant services.