Anders Andersen


Anders Andersen, Gordon Blair, Frank Eliassen, OOPP: A reflective component-based middleware, Norsk Informatikkonferanse NIK'2000, Tapir Akademisk Forlag, 2000, ISBN 82-7314-308-2.

Traditional middleware, like CORBA and Java RMI, are not flexible and adaptable enough for new application types that need support for multimedia, real-time and mobility. The next generation middleware platforms should be designed from the beginning with flexibility and adaptability in mind. This can be done by adopting an open engineering approach for the design of the middleware platform. Reflection provides a principled (as opposed to ad hoc) means of achieving open engineering. The Open-ORB Python Prototype (OOPP) presented in this paper implements a flexible and adaptable middleware based on the principle of refelction.