Anders Andersen


Anders Andersen, Gordon Blair, Frank Eliassen, A reflective component-based middleware with quality of service management, Proceedings of Protocols for Multimedia Systems (PROMS 2000), Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics Press, Cracow, Poland, 2000, ISBN 83-88309-05-6.

The role of middleware is to present a unified programming model to application writers and mask out the problems of heterogeneity and distribution. However, new application types need support for multimedia, real-time and mobility. This support should be configurable to satisfy the requirements from a wide variety of applications. But this is not enough. Mobility and continuous media requires the possibility to inspect and adapt the support offered at runtime. This can be done by adopting an open engineering approach for the design of the middleware platform. Reflection provides a principled (as opposed to ad hoc) means of achieving open engineering. The Open-ORB Python Prototype (OOPP) presented in this paper implements a reflective middleware with the possibility to inspect, adapt and extend the components of the system to satisfy the requirements of a given application.