Outreach activities by the HPDS group

The group is frequently involved in the Department of Computer Science's outreach activities. We are frequently visited by pupils from high schools in the northern parts of Norway. During these visits we demonstrate the display wall and other technologies. In cooperation with the department's technical staff, we have built Lego robots that emulate the behaviour of SegWays using a range of different input devices, from mobile phones to joysticks and Wii balance boards (a video of this is shown below). In addition, the group demonstrates the display wall to interested public and private companies and insitutions.

SegWay vs LegWay

This video demonstrates one part of the group's outreach activities, in conjunction with the technical staff at the Department of Computer Science. We demonstrate regular SegWays, and talk to young prospective students about how computer science can be used to implement the same mechanics as the SegWay, albeit in a more limited fashion using Lego robots.