Contact Us

If you find our research interesting, want to collaborate, take a Master or Ph.D. with our group or have any other questions, feel free to send us an email:

You can also visit us at the Department of Computer Science. We are usually to be found in or around the Display Wall Lab:

1st floor, Room A 252 in the Science Building (Realfagbygget), University Campus
Hansine Hansens vei 54
Tromsø (Breivika)

Here are some ways to get to the University (assuming you are in Tromsø):

  • From the city center: Take bus 20/21 or 32 towards Stakkevollan or the University. The trip will take about 10 minutes.
  • From the airport: The by far simplest way is to take a taxi. The trip will 5-10 minutes, and will cost about 100 kr. It is also possible to take the bus, but that is considerably more involved. Walk out of the Airport terminal, and make a right past the taxi queue. Continue down to the main road, cross it and make a left. The bus stop is only about 30 m away. Take route 40 or 42 towards the city center, and get off at Giæverbukta. Important: If you find yourself crossing a bridge, you are going in the wrong direction. At Giæverbukta, you can take route 34 to get to the University.

Once at the University, you will find the Dept. of Computer Science in building 5 on this map.